Veterinarian Insurance

Veterinarian Insurance

Take Better Care with Vet Insurance Coverage

You’re passionate about helping the pets who come to your veterinary practice – and we’re passionate about protecting you while you do it. Our veterinary insurance coverage is made to help you take better care of the animals you see, giving you peace of mind to know you’re covered as you serve your patients.
Veterinarian Insurance

Why Is Veterinary Insurance Coverage So Important?

You know firsthand that running a veterinary practice comes with a lot of risks, that’s why having the right business insurance is so important. Our vet insurance is made to help small businesses recover from the everyday issues they may face, like property damage or losing critical files. But we’re also here for the unique risks you face while running a veterinary practice.
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Who Needs Veterinary Insurance Services?

  • Animal hospitals
  • Veterinarians for pets
  • Animal specialty veterinarians
  • Livestock veterinary services
  • Veterinary therapies
  • Veterinarian-acupuncturist
  • Veterinarian-neurologist
  • Veterinary disease testing services

What Basic Insurance Do Veterinarians Need?

Veterinarian insurance helps protect your practice from the unique risks you face. If you’re wondering what you need, many small businesses start with a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). It combines three essential coverages to help protect you from claims that may come from normal operations:
  • General liability insurance helps protect you from claims that your business caused bodily injury or property damage.
  • Commercial property insurance helps protect your practice’s physical location and equipment, like medical carts, exam tables and surgical tools.
  • Business income insurance can help replace your practice’s lost income if you can’t open because of a covered property damage, like a fire.
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Our Partnership With the AVMA

The American Veterinary Medical Association knows the ins and outs of what you do at your veterinary practice. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Hub to offer vet insurance that works with them. If you are a member of the AVMA and would like to get a quote, you can view the full suite of AVMA Trust program offerings.
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No Appointment Needed

We try to work around your schedule. That’s why we offer your proof of insurance instantly online, whenever you need to access it.

Covering Your Veterinary Practice’s Operations

Most people view their pets as family. Chances are, you do too. But your passion for helping the animals you take care of can’t always prevent the worst from happening. That’s why having veterinary insurance is so important. With the right kinds of coverages, you can have peace of mind as you see your patients, knowing your veterinary practice is protected.
There are more than 2,000 cases of veterinary malpractice filed in U.S. courts every year.1
data breach insurance for veterinarians

System Hacking

“One of our receptionists opened a weird email and within minutes, our whole system was down. Hackers got into our customers’ personal information, including their addresses and some credit card details.”
Data breach helps cover the cost of things like complying with notification requirements to affected individuals, and credit monitoring if sensitive customer information is lost or stolen.
Animal bailee coverage for veterinarians

Cat Injury

“One of my vet techs was bringing a cat into the back kennel area when it jumped out of her arms, reinjuring its paw.”
Animal bailee coverage helps protect your business when an animal in your care is accidentally injured or lost. It can pay expenses like veterinary bills or reward costs to help you search for and recover a lost or stolen pet.

Protect Your Veterinarian Team

No matter how careful you try to be, accidents still happen – especially when you’re working with animals. With veterinarian insurance, you and your team will be covered if an accident occurs. We’re proud to be an insurance company dedicated to small businesses and are here to help you give the best care possible to the animals you love by helping protect the employees you rely on.
As of 2016, those in veterinary service professions were the second most likely to be injured while working.2
professional liability insurance for veterinarians

Customer Lawsuit

“We kept a dog overnight in our kennel. The next morning when our manager arrived to do the round of feedings, she found the dog not breathing. He was 15 years old and had a lot of health issues, but his owners claimed we did something to cause his death.”
If you’re sued for damages resulting from the professional services you provide, pet groomers’ professional liability insurance helps cover the cost of your defense.
Workers’ compensation insurance for veterinarians

Injured Worker

“A typical Monday of back-to-back appointments and my assistant was rushing to an emergency when she slid on a wet spot, landing on her back. She could barely walk and ended up needing physical therapy.”
Workers’ compensation insurance gives your employees benefits to help them recover from work-related bodily injuries or illnesses. This insurance can help pay treatment costs and replace some of their lost income.

Protect Your Veterinary Practice’s Property

You want to offer the best care to the animals you serve, which means getting the equipment you need to take care of them. It takes hard work – and a lot of money – to become a veterinarian. Insurance may not be top of mind, but it’s made to help protect the business you’ve worked so hard to build. Our vet insurance will cover accidents and protect your property if a disaster strikes.
The cost of starting a small animal clinic (including most standard equipment) is approximately $1,000,000.3
commercial property insurance for veterinarians

Property Damage

“Two dogs got into a fight in our waiting area. Luckily neither of them were seriously injured, but they broke a table and got blood splattered on one of the walls.”
Animal damage to buildings coverage helps with repair costs that are needed as a result of issues that animals in your care have caused.
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Clogged Sink

“Clients often pay us to give their dogs a bath after an appointment. We try to get as much hair out of the drains as possible, but recently, we had an issue with one of the pipes and had to have it replaced.”
Backup of Sewers and Drains can help when an abundance of animal hair and fur at your workplace results in property damage by causing clogged drains.

Veterinary Insurance That You’ll Value

Whether you’re giving emergency care or doing a routine exam, you need insurance coverage you can trust. From dog or cat treatments to equine and reptile medicine, we’re an insurance company that knows the needs of veterinarians. Backed by more than 200 years of experience, we work with veterinary practices throughout the country to offer the coverages they need for the unique challenges they face.
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We Have Your Small Business’ Back

We’re proud to give you the protection you need so you can do what you love.
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