Group Travel Insurance

Does My Group Need Travel Accident Insurance?

Travel accident insurance helps provide critical protection for organization members and business employees traveling as a group to the same destination. It is designed to help protect against the financial hardship that could result if a member is injured or even dies as the result of an accident during the trip.
It’s common for groups, clubs and businesses to organize vacations, excursions and trips. Whether these trips are for volunteer time, team building, or just to get away for some fun and relaxation, it’s important to make sure that all members and participants are covered in the event of an accidental injury or fatality.

The Hartford's tripster travel insurance program provides 24 hour a day worldwide travel accident protection that begins the moment group members leave their homes or places of employment through the duration of the trip no matter where the members go. Our tripster travel policy also covers typical travel activities including, sightseeing, dining, visiting customers and places of business, attending shows and other entertainment. Coverage for air travel can also be included in the policy at the option of the policyholder.

What Does Travel Accident Insurance Cover?

Key coverages available with tripster travel accident insurance from The Hartford include:
Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D). This coverage pays benefits to the Insured Person or his/her beneficiary for losses that occur as the result of a covered accident. This includes the loss of:
  • Life
  • Both hands or both feet or sight of both eyes
  • One hand and one foot
  • Either hand and sight of one eye
  • Either foot and sight of one eye
  • Speech and hearing in both ears
  • Either hand or foot
  • Sight of one eye
  • Speech or hearing in both ears
  • Thumb and index finger on the same hand
Accident Medical Expense (AME). AME coverage helps pay the reasonable expenses incurred by an insured person, in excess of the deductible amount, for medical care needed as the result of a covered injury.
Extended coverage after policy expiration. If the insured person is a passenger in a public conveyance late in arriving at its destination, and this delay causes the policy to expire before the trip is completed, this coverage ensures that coverage will be automatically extended until the insured person ceases to be a passenger, up to 24 additional hours.
Extended term coverage availability. If the organization is planning numerous trips throughout the year, extended term coverage makes it convenient and economical to insure all of the trips with one policy. (Coverage for air travel will not be available under the policies issued with Extended Term Coverage.)
Once purchased, the coverage provides for quarterly audits of the trip exposure during the one-year period of the policy. Audit reports must be submitted even if no trip exposure occurred during the quarter. One benefit plan must be selected to apply to all trips during the policy period. The rates charged for each trip will be the same as those specified, excluding air travel coverage. In order to issue extended term coverage, we require the following pieces of information in addition to that on the normal application:
  • The number of trips anticipated in the coming year;
  • The itinerary of trips;
  • The duration of trips;
  • The anticipated number of people per trip;
  • The mode of travel (e.g. train, bus, etc.)

Who Is Covered by a Travel Accident Insurance Policy?

With tripster travel accident insurance from The Hartford, all members of the group who are on the trip are covered. One policy covers the entire group. Name lists are not required, as the tripster travel policy requires that all members taking the trip be covered.

Is My Group Eligible?

Organizations sponsoring group trips are eligible for tripster travel accident insurance from The Hartford. Subject to state limitations, most employee, religious, charitable, educational, recreational or other similar groups are eligible for coverage under this plan. Athletic teams or groups engaging primarily in sports are not eligible for this program but may be eligible under The Hartford’s Sports Insurance.

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