Gene Marks on Using Social Media

Debating whether you need a social media presence? Check out what business expert Gene Marks has to say on this topic.

Video Transcript

Social media itself can be important for some businesses but doesn’t have to be important to others. It really depends on the business that you’re in and where your customers are. If your customers are not on social media then you don’t have to be on social media. It’s okay. If I was in the insurance business I can tell you that I would definitely be on social media. It’s a very, very important way to get information out to educate your customers, to make friends of your community and stay close, form relationships with them. So, I always say, you know, my insurance person is a very nice guy, I don’t hear from the guy like but once a year when I get renewals on my policy. You know, if he was reaching out to me through Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter, if he was giving me information about how to better run my business or, you know, different things to reduce my risk, things about taxes or investments, and you can do that if you’re in the insurance business, I would be much, much more closer to that person throughout the year and it would make a big difference to my relationship. So, you know, social media, like I said, is, you know, it’s important for some businesses, not as important for others. In this business, the insurance business, I think it’s absolutely critical.

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