Animated Short Videos / Chalk Talks

We've created a series of animated short videos that introduce products and services we offer in plain English. Fast, fact-filled and straight to the point, they’re great tools for giving customers a tour.

WATCH: Animated Short Videos

Share these with your customers: List of Video URLs

Easy to share and use. In four easy steps.

1. Copy the URL
Select the videos you’d like to share from our library. Click on the “share” icon on the player and copy the link onto your clipboard for step 2.

2. Feature the videos
Your content manager or webmaster can embed the chalk talk video(s) on your site, using the url.

3. Share them with clients
Create a “hot spot” in your next email communication by embedding an image and linking to the video you wish to share. Highlight the image or text you want to link (e.g., Business Income), right click to select “Add Link,” paste the URL and click “OK.”

4. Co-brand the videos
Include your agency’s logo and contact information. Request Co-branding

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