Short-Term General Liability Insurance

Project Insurance From Putty
Whether you’re taking on multiple short projects or doing a one-off request, project insurance from Putty can help protect you on the job.

What Is Short-Term General Liability Insurance?

Project-specific liability insurance Short-term general liability insurance is a type of business insurance coverage for short projects that can take between two hours and two weeks to complete. This general liability insurance coverage is also known as:
  • Project-specific liability insurance
  • Project-based insurance
  • Project insurance
  • Single project insurance
  • Construction project insurance
  • Per project insurance
Project-based insurance can provide coverage for many types of work. Some examples include:
Setting up furniture
Installing a home theater or hiding TV wires
Installing cabinets and countertops
Building or repairing carpentry and putting in a vanity
Fixing floors
Installing laminate, carpet or tiles, as well as refinishing hardwood
Maintaining cooling systems
A/C installation, changing filters or cleaning the vents
Working with interior walls
Building a closet, installing shelves, wallpapering or repairing drywall
Low-voltage electricity work
Installing or repairing appliances, working on ceiling fans or putting in outlets
Lawn care, fence installation or repair, deck building and outdoor furniture assembly
Fixing pipes
Unclogging a drain and replacing a faucet or toilet
We know the risks and challenges you may face for short projects. So, we created Putty Insurance. Our short-term insurance includes all the necessary coverage to support your work. With our project insurance policy, you’ll get the same coverage that general liability insurance offers. The difference is you’ll have business liability insurance for a shorter period of time.
Even after finishing a short project, your business can still face liability risks. That’s why our project-based insurance policy includes a year of products-completed operations coverage. So, if there’s a liability claim within a year after you finish your work, we’ve got you covered.

Who Needs Insurance for Project Work?

Anyone can get insurance for project work. Some workers that may need this type of coverage include:
However, short-term general liability insurance can benefit people outside of these industries, too. For example, you may work in hospitality, but install furniture on the side for extra income. If you’re doing this type of short project, then project-based insurance can help protect you.
single project insurance Depending on your client, there may be construction project insurance requirements, like providing a certificate of insurance (COI). Also known as a certificate of liability insurance, this is a document that proves your business has the necessary liability coverage.

What Does Short-Term Liability Insurance Cover?

Short-term liability insurance includes the same coverage as a commercial general liability insurance policy. That means this insurance can help cover claims that your business caused bodily injury or property damage to someone else’s belongings.
If a liability claim gets filed against your business, project-specific liability insurance can help pay for:
  • Medical expenses if your work or the completed project hurts another person
  • Property damage to someone else’s belongings due to your business’ work
  • Legal costs to defend your business in a lawsuit
  • Judgments and settlements resulting from a customer or client’s lawsuit

Cost of Construction Project Insurance Coverage

The cost of construction project insurance coverage is project specific and can vary depending on different factors. Every business is different. The type of work, how long it’ll take to complete the project and the size of your team are some factors that insurance companies look at when determining your cost of insurance for construction projects.
Some average costs for example projects include:
  • $7 for $300,000 of coverage for four hours to put together a shelf
  • $23 for $300,000 of coverage for two days of work to install hardwood floors
  • $33 for $1 million in coverage for four days of work to repair cabinets

Benefits of Short-Term General Liability Insurance

If you’re doing a short project, it may be difficult to get general liability insurance coverage. And if you’re only working on the project for a few days, getting a policy for an entire year may not make sense. That’s where short-term general liability insurance can help. It gives you:
  • Liability coverage when you need it
  • The same coverage as general liability insurance
  • A policy that only lasts as long as you need it to
We make it easy for you to get a short-term insurance policy. In fact, you can get coverage in three steps:
  1. Tell us when you're working. Buy only what you need, when you need it.
  2. Pick a $300,000 or $1,000,000 general liability limit. That number is the max amount of protection The Hartford provides for a covered loss.
  3. Purchase the short policy and you’ll get your certificate of insurance (COI).
Learn more about the importance of liability insurance coverage.

Get a Quote for Project-Based Insurance

project based insurance The best way to find out how much project-based insurance will cost your business is to get a quote. We know the unique risks and challenges you face. We’ve made it easy for you to get the coverage you need.
Get a short-term general liability insurance quote today in as little as five minutes.
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