Plumbing Insurance

Plumbing insurance

Plumbing Insurance to Protect Your Small Business

Whether you work with a crew or on your own, you need the kind of coverage that you know has your back. The best plumbing insurance can be customized to your unique needs – and we have it here for you.
Plumbing insurance
Do plumbers need insurance

Do Plumbers Need Insurance?

Plumbers can have tough jobs. And with every client call comes risks as you work. That’s why having the right business insurance is important. We’ve created coverages made specifically for plumbing businesses and are here to help cover you and your team.
Best plumbing insurance

Who Needs Plumbing Insurance?

Our plumbing insurance can help protect:
  • Plumbing contractors
  • Septic system construction workers
  • Drainage system installers
  • Sewer hookup contractors
  • Piping & plumbing contractors
  • Sump pump installation and servicing contractors
  • Water pump installation and servicing contractors
  • Water system balancing and testing contractors
Small business insurance for plumbers

Cost of Small Business Insurance for Plumbers

Many factors determine your insurance cost, like your:
  • Industry
  • Type of assets
  • Property owned
  • Number of employees
  • Size of payroll
  • Claims history

What’s the Best Plumbing Insurance?

Finding the right insurance for your small business starts with knowing what you need. Many plumbing businesses benefit from a Business Owners’ Policy (BOP), which combines these three coverages into one policy:
You can also bundle other types of insurance into your BOP, like data breach coverage or professional liability insurance.

Covering Your Plumbing Operations

From injuring yourself at the office to causing water damage while you’re fixing a client’s sink, plumbers face a variety of risks. Our insurance coverages can help keep your business protected.
There were 39.5 million physician office visits for unintentional injuries in 2016.1
Plumbers liability insurance

Customer Injury

“A customer stopped in to pay her bill. As she walked through the front door, she slipped on a wet spot, falling and spraining her ankle.”
General liability insurance helps protect your business from claims of bodily injury and property damage. It helps pay for:
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Property damage
  • Legal expenses to defend your business in a lawsuit
  • Judgments and settlements from a customer or client’s lawsuit
Plumbing company insurance

Data Breach

“We store all our customer information digitally. Recently, our virus software expired before we had a chance to update it and within days, a virus got into our system, exposing our customers’ credit card numbers.”
Data breach insurance can help cover the costs of responding to a data breach. It can help pay for notifying impacted customers or employees. It can also help pay for a public relations firm.

Taking Care of Your Plumbing Team

Most plumbing businesses rely on a team to stay successful. That’s why it’s important to find plumbing insurance that covers all aspects of your small business, making sure your employees are taken care of while they work. Having the right kind of coverage allows you to have peace of mind as a business owner.
In 2018, there were 29,370 nonfatal workplace injuries for general maintenance and repair workers.2
What insurance does a plumbing company need

Employee Injury

“One of my plumbers was fixing a pipe in a basement ceiling when he fell off the ladder and broke his leg. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance and had to take a few months off to recover.”
Workers’ compensation insurance can help pay for your injured or ill employees’:
  • Medical costs
  • Disability benefits
  • Lost wages
Plumbers public liability insurance cost

Missing Tools

“My crew stopped to get lunch before their next job. When they got back to the truck, they found the windows smashed in. Sure enough, all of our tools had been stolen.”
Contractors equipment insurance covers damaged or missing contracting equipment and can extend beyond simply covering equipment to also cover small tools, employees’ equipment and clothing, plus borrowed equipment.

Protecting Your Plumbing Property

Plumbing businesses require a lot of money to run. From the equipment to company cars and your building space, it’s a big investment to be a business owner. We know what it takes to keep your small business going, and that’s why we’ve created insurance protection made to keep you covered.
From 2015 to 2019, transportation incidents were the leading cause of work-related fatalities.3
Plumbing liability insurance cost

Employee Car Accident

“One of my assistants was on her way to pick up an order of parts when she accidently rear ended the car in front of her. The other driver wasn’t injured, but did have damage to his car.”
Commercial auto insurance can help pay for the cost of an auto accident if you or your employee is a fault.
Plumbing general liability insurance

Equipment Damage

“All of our tools get put in our storage room at the end of the day. So when the restaurant next door to us caught fire and spread into our building, we had thousands in damaged equipment.”
Business property insurance can help protect your:
  • Building
  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • Inventory
  • Furniture
  • Personal property
Some hazards this coverage helps protect you against, include fire, theft and lightning strikes.

Plumbing Insurance That Has Your Back

Plumbers face risks on the job every day – from fixing hot water heaters to working in confined spaces. With our business insurance coverages, you can have peace of mind knowing you and your employees are covered as you work.
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Plumbing Insurance You Can Trust

Keep your plumbing business successful by getting the right business insurance coverages.
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