Ocean Marine Insurance

The Hartford offers a broad selection of Ocean Marine insurance products. These include: Ocean Cargo insurance, Hull and Machinery insurance, Protection and Indemnity insurance, and Marine Liability insurance, both primary and excess.
If you need to protect goods in ocean transit, the ships that carry those goods, the crew or passengers aboard, or storage for cargo – domestically and abroad, The Hartford can help.
Our coverage is flexible and customizable, which means The Hartford can help you tailor your marine insurance policy to address your needs and the unique maritime exposures facing your business.

Ocean Marine Insurance Coverages

Ocean marine insurance supports international trade and all types of maritime operations. Today’s globalized economy means that ocean marine coverage is a necessity for most manufacturing and distribution operations, as well as vessel operators, marine management and other shoreside activities.
Here is further detail on the products we offer:
The Hartford’s Ocean Cargo insurance policy can be tailored to provide coverage for any lawful goods throughout the supply chain from origin to delivery at their final destination, including transshipment points along the way. Ocean Cargo covers your goods as they change from raw materials to finished goods – including for intercompany shipments, capital equipment, salesman samples, exhibitions and tradeshows, mail and parcel post.
Ocean Cargo coverage from The Hartford can be placed with various and evolving valuation of covered goods, changing as goods move through production or as terms of sale dictate, so you can rest assured you are covered at every stage.
Our policy can provide coverage for goods during processing while at owned or leased storage locations or processing facilities. Salesman samples are can be included as covered property including while in business vehicles. Installation and exhibition coverage can be added as additional coverage to your Ocean Cargo policy as needed.
The flexibility of our Ocean Cargo product coverage allows businesses to tailor their policies with additional optional coverages designed to address the exposures particular to their operations. Here is a sampling of  coverages available to businesses that choose The Hartford for their ocean marine insurance:
  • Storage Extension. You can add storage coverage to your ocean marine policy from The Hartford to cover goods at every stage of the supply chain, while in due course of transit or static locations.  We offer  coverage for unscheduled locations, foreign and domestic locations, and for goods in leased as well as owned locations. We also offer options for Flood, Earthquake, and Named Windstorm in domestic or foreign locations.
  • Concealed Damage. Our ocean marine coverage also covers concealed damage for hidden damage to goods that may occur during shipping but is not readily apparent upon delivery.
  • Multinational. When US domiciled companies with foreign subsidiaries are required by law to carry local policies, The Hartford can provide them with Ocean Cargo coverage through our network of carrier partners in nearly every country in the world.
  • Contingent Liability. Contingent cargo coverage is available as an optional coverage when you are insuring freight forwarder or customs house brokerage operations, or when terms of sale dictate.
  • Difference in Conditions. This coverage is designed to minimize gaps in valuation or terms when the other party’s insurance does not adequately respond to a loss.
Many more coverage enhancements are available with marine coverage from The Hartford. You can customize your policy even further with coverages for Business Resiliency, Advance Payment on Loss, and more.
To learn more about Ocean Marine Cargo insurance and the advantages of Ocean Cargo from The Hartford speak with your agent or a representative at The Hartford, and read this guide.
Shoreside operators, including ship repairers, marine contractors, wharfingers, stevedores, terminal operators, charterers, vessel operations and other marine businesses, have unique maritime exposures. The Hartford's proprietary marine general liability policy provides the benefits of a general liability policy for both your maritime operations and related shoreside liability.
You can tailor your MGL policy with these additional coverage options from The Hartford:
  • Other work extension for ship repairers
  • Traveling workers' extension for ship repairers
  • Boat broker legal liability
  • Gulf of Mexico policy extension
  • Pollution buyback endorsement
  • Bailee coverage endorsement
  • Punitive damages defense endorsement
If you operate a vessel, you need protection from potential threats above and beneath the ocean surface. The Hartford provides industry standard as well as manuscript coverage, which you can tailor to fit your ocean marine exposures.
Hull and Machinery. A Hull & Machinery policy from The Hartford protects the vessel, fixed machinery and propulsion equipment from physical damage and extends to cover third party property damage such as collisions at sea or with fixed objects while moored or during vessel operations.
Protection and Indemnity. A Protection and Indemnity policy from The Hartford provides bodily Injury coverage to the crew, passengers or others while aboard the vessel as well as coverage for liability arising from vessel operations.
Whether you are a boat builder or broker, a ship repairer, terminal operator, wharfinger, stevedore, or conducting barge fleeting operations, contact your ocean marine specialist at The Hartford for manuscript (or American Institute of Marine Underwriters) ocean coverage that you can tailor to the specific requirements of your maritime operation.

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