Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance

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You’re passionate about solving problems, while we’re dedicated to protecting you from them. From designing to developing, we know engineers deal with unique risks – and our engineering insurance is here to help get you through them.
Engineering Insurance

Why Is Business Insurance for Engineers Important?

Architects and engineers work with clients to design building plans or ensure things work. We know engineering firms face unique challenges on top of the common risks many small business owners face, like property damage or bodily injury claims. This is why business insurance for engineers is important. See how adding business insurance to your risk management plan can help you run a successful small business.

Get Started With a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) for Engineers

Many engineers start with a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) for their insurance needs. It combines three types of insurance coverages that many small businesses need to help protect them from different risks.
General liability insurance to help protect your engineering firm from claims that it caused bodily injury or property damage to someone else’s belongings.
Commercial property insurance helps protect the owned or rented building and equipment your firm uses to operate. This includes:
  • Computers
  • Protective equipment, like goggles, gloves and a helmet
  • Saws
  • Hammers
  • Toolboxes
  • Jacks
  • Wrenches
Business income insurance helps recover some of your lost income if you can’t operate your engineering firm because of covered property damage.

Taking Care of Your Engineer Team

As a small business owner, of course you want to make sure you’re employees are protected. Your team faces unique risks on the job that can cause them to get hurt or sick. With insurance for engineering contractors, you can help keep them protected so if they get hurt or sick from their job, they can get benefits to help them recover and return to work faster.
There were 10,000 cases of workplace injuries in the architectural and engineering industry in 2019.1
Business insurance for engineers

Employee Injuries

“One of my engineering consultants was working on a construction site when a piece of equipment fell and hit her. She had to go to an urgent care center to get some cuts treated.”
Workers’ compensation insurance can help your engineers recover from work-related injuries or illnesses. It can help pay for their treatment costs and replace some of their lost wages if they miss work.
Insurance for engineering contractors

Essential Employee Absence

“One of our principal engineers got called into jury duty and was selected for a trial. I had to hire a temporary engineer and train them until our employee came back.”
Our Business Income for Essential Personnel coverage can help your business pay for expenses incurred if an employee has a sudden or unexpected absence. This coverage can also help replace lost income your business has due to the absence.

Covering Your Engineering Property

You rely on special tools and equipment to run your engineering business. If they get damaged or destroyed, it can be devastating for your firm. That’s why engineering insurance is important to have.
Natural catastrophes caused $133 billion of insurance losses in 2019.2
Insurance for engineering consultants

Corrupted Computer Files

“Our computers have design files that we use for our clients’ projects. When a virus corrupted our computer system, we lost most of our work.”
We offer electronic data coverage to help pay to replace or restore data that’s corrupted from a virus or covered cause of loss.
General liability insurance for engineers

Drone Damage

“We use a drone to help us with our engineering work when we’re at job sites. One of my engineers accidentally flew the drone into a tree and damaged it.”
If you add Unmanned Aircraft – Property Damage coverage to your insurance policy, it can help pay to fix damages to your drone.

Covering Your Engineering Firm’s Operations

From data breaches and utility outages to property damage, different risks can prevent you from operating your engineering business. With the right type of engineering insurance, you can help protect your firm.
41% of small businesses paid over $50,000 to resolve a data breach in 2019.3
Civil engineering insurance policies

Stolen Personally Identifiable Information

“Our office manager got an email that she thought was from our cloud service provider. She sent them our login credentials and the hacker got into our customer database, stealing information like names and payment details.”
Data breach coverage can help your engineering firm respond to a breach if personally identifiable information gets lost or stolen. Some insurance companies call this coverage cyber liability insurance.
Professional engineer insurance requirements

Cloud Shutdown

“The service we use for cloud storage had to unexpectedly shut down for maintenance. It was temporary, but we couldn’t operate our firm until the service came back online.”
Business Income for Cloud Service Interruption can help replace your firm’s lost income if it can’t operate because of an unplanned or unannounced interruption.

Get Engineering Insurance Made for Your Business

We’ve created our engineering insurance and insurance for engineering consultants with you in mind. We understand the risks and challenges your industry faces and our specialists are here to help you get the business insurance you need. Whether you have questions about types of coverage or need help filing a claim, we’re here to help.
Engineering business insurance

Engineering Insurance That Has Your Back

Get the protection you need to help keep your small business running smoothly and successfully.
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1 US Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities: Numbers of Nonfatal Occupational Injuries and Illnesses by Industry and Case Types, 2019”
2 Swiss Re Institute, “Global Catastrophes Caused USD 56 Billion Insured Losses in 2019, Estimates Swiss Re Institute”
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