Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services
The Hartford knows that responding to a cyber-attack is only part of what you and your customers need when it comes to cyber protection. That’s why The Hartford has a suite of services available as part of the new CyberChoice First Response PolicySM to help you and your clients prepare, protect and prevail in the face of ever-changing cyber threats. 


CyberChoice First Response policyholders get access to The Hartford Cyber Center, a portal with valuable resources such as risk management tools, trainings, and cyber best practices. Customers also get access to pre-approved service providers at discounted rates negotiated by The Hartford.
The Hartford is there to help prepare your clients for the diverse risks they face every day. Some examples of the ways that The Hartford or these service providers can help are:
  • Incident response plan & business continuity plans
  • Information about and assistance with complex regulatory requirements
  • Security & privacy awareness training resources
  • Sample incident roadmaps


When a cyber-attack occurs, your customers want to be sure that their cyber policy responds to the attack and Protects their company from further harm. For that reason, The Hartford’s new admitted CyberChoice First Response policy was created with just those needs in mind. Policy features include:
  • A 24/7 cyber incident hotline staffed here in the United States to assist your client no matter when a cyber-attack occurs
  • Coverage for Payment Card Industry (PCI) issues, cyber extortion, regulatory investigations, and business income interruptions
  • Coverage for pre-claim regulatory inquiry
  • Ability to recognize internal costs that a company incurs when they respond to a breach themselves instead of hiring a third-party provider
  • Ability to System Failure and Administrative Error Endorsement coverage1
  • Available coverage for Electronic Funds Transfer


With CyberChoice First Response, The Hartford’s commitment to you and your customer does not end when the claim is over. The Hartford wants to help your customers Prevail by helping them to become more secure than ever after a cyber incident has occurred. That’s why every CyberChoice First Response policy includes “Post Incident Remediation Expense” coverage that the insured can use in any way they want to improve their cyber security. It is just one more way that The Hartford is committed to helping our insureds be the best they can be.
With CyberChoice Fist Response, The Hartford is there to help you and your customer prepare, protect, and prevail.
1 With additional underwriting information.
The Hartford Cyber Center
Access resources, tools and information about cyber security and how you can reduce risks.
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