CyberChoice Coverages

Key Coverages
The Hartford helps businesses prepare for a cyber breach by providing a suite of comprehensive, flexible coverages that respond to the ever-expanding list of cyber threats.
Our CyberChoice suite of products offers core first-party and liability coverages to ensure that when disaster strikes, businesses are prepared.
The Hartford is particularly pleased to offer pre-claim coverage for responses to regulatory inquiries or informal information requests, which do not need to be tied to specific data privacy incidents. With this coverage, businesses do not have to face regulatory inquiries alone.
This is just one of the coverage elements unique only to The Hartford.
CyberChoice coverages feature:

Data Privacy & Network Security Liability

  • Helps cover third-party claims arising from an actual or alleged network security or data privacy wrongful acts of the insured or third party service providers
  • Coverage pays for damages and defense expenses, as well as PCI-related losses

Privacy Regulatory Matters

  • Helps cover governmental and regulatory actions and investigations arising from an actual or alleged network security or data privacy wrongful acts
  • *Pre-claim coverage for responding to Regulatory Inquiries or informal information requests that do not need to be tied to specific Data Privacy Incidents
  • Coverage pays defense expenses and regulatory fines where allowable by law

Media Liability

  • Helps cover third-party claims arising from digital media wrongful acts
  • Expanding  this to broad form “off-line” coverage by endorsement

Incidence Response

Coverage for first-party expenses incurred in the wake of an actual or suspected Data Privacy Incident or a Network Intrusion. Includes:
  • Notification and Identity Protection Expenses
    • Helps cover mandatory and voluntary notification of individuals, customers and clients following a data privacy incident, and call center costs
    • Provides many monitoring options such as: credit monitoring, medical identity monitoring, fraud detection, and identity protection or restoration services with no time restriction
  • Crisis Management Expenses
    • Cyber Breach Coach Services cover legal services in the wake of a data privacy incident or network intrusion, including breach response, counsel on legal obligations and communication with regulators, clients and customers1
    • Helps cover PCI Forensic investigation expense, including shadow forensic firm coverage
    • Helps cover public relations expenses to minimize reputational harm
    • *Helps cover investigators determining the nature and scope of an incident or intrusion, as well as costs for the forensic investigators to “contain and stop” the ongoing cause
    • *We understand that often the best resource to recover from a breach is often the insured. That’s why this policy allows recognition and reimbursement of an insured’s internal expense incurred in responding to a data privacy incident or network intrusion.
    • Computer Forensics
    • Internal Expenses

Cyber Extortion

  • Provides coverage for extortion payments resulting from a cyber-extortion threat, including ransomware
  • Coverage for payments includes cryptocurrencies, as well as the cost of effectuating and negotiating an extortion payment 

Network Asset Restoration Expenses

  • *Beyond coverage for the recovery and restoration of digital assets, The Hartford also provides coverage to remediate and replace those network assets when they are not recoverable
  • Insureds Internal Expenses incurred in restoring assets will be recognize and reimbursed

Business Interruption

  • Coverage pays for income loss caused by a network outage due to a network intrusion
  • Helps cover the sum of Actual Income Loss plus overhead, salary and wages until the business's income and Extra Expenses
  • *Coverage does not cease until the business income is restored (subject to restoration period)

Dependent Business Interruption

  • Provides the same coverage as Business Interruption, but for the loss and Extra Expense caused by a network outage of a third-party service provider due to a network intrusion

Pre-Claim Assistance

  • Pre-claim assistance provided to investigate a circumstance and mitigate or reduce the likelihood of a breach

Post-Incident Remediation

  • Provides a fund for post-incident remediation expenses that insureds may incur, which can be allocated as they choose to improve cyber security

Endorsements Available2

  • System Failure Coverage
    • Helps cover network outages caused by administrative error, or on an all perils basis
  • Dependent System Failure Coverage for a Third-Party Service Provider
    • Helps cover Third-Party Service Provider network outage caused by administrative error, or on an all perils basis
  • CyberChoice First Response Crime Coverage
    • Provides optional coverages for Computer Fraud, Funds Transfer Fraud, and Deception Fraud
1 With the Cyber Breach Coach Endorsement, breach coach services are offered with no retention to qualify insureds.
2 Subject to additional underwriting.
* Unique to The Hartford as of Feb. 2018.
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