Campers Insurance

Camp Accident Insurance Helps Keep Campers Safe

Camp accident insurance cannot prevent accidents from happening to campers, but the protection it provides can help cover the costs of treating their injuries and illnesses when they occur on campgrounds and during camp activities due to an accident.
For children, summer camp can be an exciting time filled with experiences they’ll remember throughout their lives. Because there are risks associated with the diverse learning experiences and outdoor activities camps typically offer, The Hartford provides camp accident insurance designed to help cover costs associated with the variety of covered accidents and mishaps that campers may experience in the course of their enjoyment of summer camp; or camp any other time of year for that matter.

Who Is Eligible for Camp Accident Insurance?

Non-profit organization sponsored and private camps are eligible for camp accident insurance from The Hartford. Our camp accident program is also available for non-profit organization sponsored camps for individuals with disabilities. Read on and find additional information concerning camps for individuals with disabilities at the end of this page.

Camp accident insurance is not intended for camps organized as athletic camps, sports clinics, or senior citizen camps. Please ask about our Participant Accident Insurance Program for camps in these categories.

Who Is Covered by Camp Accident Insurance?

Typically, all persons registered as campers are covered by camp accident insurance. Counselors, facilities maintenance crews, culinary staff and similar camp employees may also be insured at the option of the camp.
Camp accident insurance from The Hartford does not cover:
  • Children of camp employees
  • Children of counselors, spouses of employees, or
  • Volunteers working on special events unless they are registered as campers or as employees by the camp

What Is Covered Under Camp Accident Insurance From The Hartford?

Key coverages available with camp accident insurance from The Hartford include:
Accident Medical Expense (AME) pays for the reasonable expenses incurred by an insured person, in excess of the deductible amount, for medical care due to injury.
Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) helps pay a benefit to the insured parties in the event that a death or dismemberment occurs from a covered accident.

When and Where Does Camp Accident Insurance Protect Campers?

Camper insurance coverage from The Hartford protects campers during their scheduled camp attendance as follows:
  • While in regular attendance on camp premises
  • While taking part in regularly scheduled, approved camp activities
  • While traveling to or from camp activities in properly supervised groups
  • While traveling directly between home and camp, as long as that travel does not extend beyond 48 hours prior to or after the camper is in regular attendance at the camp

When Does Coverage for Camp Accident Insurance Begin?

Coverage will begin on the first day of the program provided the Request for Insurance form is received and approved before the opening date of the camp. Otherwise, following receipt by The Hartford, coverage begins on the date the Request for Insurance is approved by The Hartford.

Camps for Individuals With Disabilities

Non-profit organization sponsored camp accident insurance plans from The Hartford are available for camps specializing in the care of individuals with disabilities. Rates for these benefits vary depending on the types of disabilities supported and particular aspects of operation, capacity, services and supervision of the camp.

To obtain rates for your specialty camp, please contact your insurance professional or a representative at The Hartford, complete, and submit our Quote Request Form with a detailed supplemental description of the camp and the types of disabilities it supports. Please include in your description the ratio of counselors to campers at your camp.
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