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The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence

Meet Our Team

We are a team of professional gerontologists. We consult. We research. We educate. We work to understand the age 50 and older market to ensure business success.
The Center creates innovative business solutions for the mature market. Staffed by gerontologists, the center is uniquely positioned to apply knowledge of aging to develop one-of-a-kind products and services for The Hartford’s customers, and specialized training for The Hartford’s employees. The center conducts original research in partnership with academic institutions and produces public education and online content to promote safety at home and on the road. The Hartford has had this in-house expertise since 1984, guiding The Hartford to unparalleled success in understanding and serving the mature market.

Our Gerontologists

Every member of The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence is highly skilled and has an advanced degree in an aging-related field. This rich academic background provides them with unique knowledge of the psychological, sociological, and financial aspects of aging.
Jodi Olshevski

Jodi Olshevski, M.S., Gerontology

Executive Director and Gerontologist

Jodi Olshevski is Executive Director of The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence, leading a team of corporate gerontologists who conduct primary research and deliver expert services across The Hartford Financial Services Group. The team has won numerous awards, and is nationally-recognized as the pre-eminent corporate gerontology organization in the United States.
An expert on a wide array of aging related topics, such as caregiving, eldercare, housing, and older driver issues, Olshevski has been interviewed widely by national and regional television and radio shows, including the CBS Early Show and NBC New York Nightly News, and by national publications such as the Chicago Tribune, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, and the AARP Bulletin, to name a few. Olshevski is a frequent lecturer on business and aging at professional conferences and on industry panels, has held an adjunct faculty position at Pennsylvania State University, and is co-author of the book Stress Reduction for Caregivers, published by Taylor & Francis.
Jody Brown

Jody Brown, M.S., Gerontology

Corporate Gerontologist

Jody Brown is responsible for the delivery and development of mature market education at The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence. An expert in caregiving, eldercare, health and aging, she has over 30 years of experience in effective application of her unique knowledge to the development of innovative, skill-based learning programs. Jody is highly skilled in utilizing multiple delivery platforms to maximize the learning process across various business areas.
Cindy Hellyar

Cindy Hellyar, M.A., Human Development/Gerontology

Director of Customer Engagement and Corporate Gerontologist

Cindy Hellyar is Director of Customer Engagement at The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence, responsible for creating and implementing programs that provide unique offerings for The Hartford’s mature customers. With over 25 years of experience applying aging expertise to business development, she leads efforts around product and service innovations, ensuring the creation of distinctive business solutions for today’s age 50 and older consumers. In addition, Cindy has led research and public education campaigns on disaster preparedness in partnership with the MIT AgeLab.